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School Adoptions run from September to April. You will get one update for your class per month. You will get an adoption packet when you sign up which includes a certificate of adoption, a picture magnet of your adopted turtle, an intro letter, and an bio sheet about your sea turtle. Your updates will be monthly and will include a new story and a fun fact each month for you and your class to enjoy! The "Adoptee" name is the same as the name of your class and/or what you would like to see on the adoption certificate. 

You can choose from April, Bender, Hanson Buoy, Montel, or Rebel! 

Your contribution of $35.00 helps provide food and medicine for your adopted turtle. At the time of adoption, you will receive a photo, biography, certificate of adoption, and a picture magnet of your turtle. Then you will receive updates every month for the following school year (September- April). 

As of January 2023, The Turtle Hospital is going completely green for any and all adoption updates. Going green means receiving your updates through e-mail instead of receiving the paper copy through the regular mail which saves on paper and postage.

Adopt today and become part of the sea turtle family here at The Turtle Hospital!

** Note - The Adoption Packets will be mailed to the "Shipping Address" even if the "Updates" are going to the adoptee at a different address.  If this is a gift and you would like it to go to the Adoptee, please make sure to use their address in the "Ship to" option in the checkout page. If you would like for it to come to you so you can gift it personally, please put your address in the "Ship to" option on the checkout page and put the "Adoptee Address" in the required field. Thank you! **