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Hey there folks, I’m Montel, an adult male green sea turtle. Boy do I have a story for you! I had to be rescued in 2001 because I got entangled in fishing line but while I was stuck entangled a boat hit me and a shark attacked me. Now I only have one short little front flipper but on top of all of that I had fibropapilloma tumors and the doctors here had to remove my right eye. It would be really hard for me to survive in the wild so now I live at the hospital safe from sharks, boats & other things that could hurt me. Since I had so much drama before I was rescued I’m named after “The Montel Williams Show”. I don’t let my past bother me though, I love to cruise around my pool looking for anything tasty to eat and I’m pretty laid back and easy going. But every once in a while I get feeling mischievous and sneak up on the other turtles and give them a little love bite.


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