These five permanent residents of The Turtle Hospital are available for adoption*. These turtles' injuries were severe enough to cause them to be at a distinct disadvantage back in the wild and therefore cannot be returned safely. However, we try to provide them with the best and brightest life we can while they are in our care. Your contribution of $35.00 a year helps provide food and medicine for your adopted turtle.

At the time of adoption, you will receive a photo, biography, certificate of adoption, and a picture magnet of your turtle through regular mail, this package cannot be emailed. In about four months you will receive a letter from your adopted turtle with an update from the hospital. You can choose to receive your updates either through regular mail or e-mail. Your turtle will send one of these letters every four months for a year.

We hope you consider our option of "Going Green" with the adoption updates. Going green means receiving your updates through e-mail instead of receiving the paper copy through the regular mail which saves paper and postage.

Adopt today and become part of the sea turtle family here at The Turtle Hospital!

*Please note this adoption is conceptual and in no way implies ownership of a turtle.