Mystery Sea Turtle Bracelets

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When you purchase one of these bracelets, your individual order is chosen AT RANDOM. There are 7 different color hues to collect - each representing the 7 different sea turtle species:

  • Leatherback - multi-color                                  (RARE)
  • Green - green hue                                              (COMMON)
  • Loggerhead - yellow / orange hue                    (COMMON)
  • Hawksbill - red hue                                             (UNCOMMON)
  • Kemp's Ridley - grey / white / black hue          (RARE)
  • Olive Ridley - blue hue                                       (COMMON)
  • Flatback - pink / mauve hue                              (UNCOMMON)


Handmade classic bracelets are the perfect accessory for any outfit! Many different opportunities to collect all the colors, and save the turtles along the way!

Made by the Florida Sea Turtle Company.