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Your $10,000 donation will go directly to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sea turtles in the Florida Keys. All funds are a direct investment in the survival of an endangered species.


Pictured here is "Ethel", a juvenile loggerhead "educational turtle" who was at the Turtle Hospital for two years before her release back to her ocean home. The educational program is so important. The Turtle Hospital was the first facility to have anything like this. Not only are these turtles involved in educating about sea turtles during our educational guided tours that are offered at the hospital, but they are also involved in the "outreach" program. During an outreach an educational specialist will bring the educational turtle and teaching supplies to all kinds of events and schools in hopes to bring light to what sea turtles are facing in the wild and ways we can help make a difference. Also pictured are examples of the Turtle Hospital's Outreaches. 

Since we are a non-profit organization your donation will not only go to the rehabilitation of sea turtles but also to the housing of our current educational turtles ("Mac" and "Cheese"), and efforts in education and conservation in hopes to save these endangered animals.  Thank you so much for your consideration and support of the Turtle Hospital!

*Kindly Note: The majority of this donation will go towards the rehabilitation of our sea turtle patients who are in great need of care.  .