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This $5,000 donation will go directly to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sea turtles in the Florida Keys. All funds are a direct investment in the survival of an endangered species.

Pictured here is "Lucky Pulse" a juvenile green sea turtle that was brought into the Turtle Hospital for entanglement in a trap line and fibropapillomatosis - a nasty virus that debilitates and causes tumors.  Lucky Pulse defeated all odds and made a full recovery thanks to the hard work of the rehabilitation team and vets here at the Turtle Hospital. We are the top facility to treat sea turtles that have this virus and can provide a wide variety of treatments. Lucky Pulse was released in July and we still have many green sea turtles with this horrible virus that are being treated.  Donations fund the rehabilitation, housing, food, treatment, and medicine these turtles need. Thank you for your consideration and support to help fight fibropapillomatosis and save many more endangered turtles like Lucky Pulse.