Book: Our Sea Turtles

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Our Sea Turtles - A practical guide for the Atlantic and Gulf, from Canada to Mexico 

By Blair and Dawn Witherington.

Back Cover: "Our Sea Turtles  is an abundantly illustrated guide to our human experience with a majestic and intriguing group of marine animals. The Book dives deep into the lives of sea turtles, telling their story with unique perspectives and fascinating images that engender understanding and awe. The book's pithy, well-organized sections are lavishly embellished with photographs, illustrations, and diagrams. It is a guide for anyone who is the least bit curious about these fascinating creatures. Bite-size installments harmonize with images to make this book a revealing and entertaining resource. The stories told cover understanding, experiencing, and saving our sea turtles, with descriptions  of how these endangered animals contribute to our happiness and why they deserve our help."

This book is a staff favorite!!