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What's up! My name is Madea, and I am a female loggerhead. I was rescued in 2019 due to being struck by a boat, giving me paralyzed rear flippers and a permanent "Bubble Butt Syndrome." In this condition, I cannot survive in the wild, so I now call The Turtle Hospital my forever home. For being a loggerhead, I am fairly mellow and keep to myself. I get along very well with all my friends in the tidal pool. Sometimes I like to hunker down in the corner for midday naps. Not only am I beautiful, but I am also one of the go-to residents for blood donations. I am the largest loggerhead here, weighing over 200-lbs. I love to eat squid, but sometimes I sneak a few pieces of romaine lettuce from the green sea turtles in the tidal pool.

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