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Greeting folks, I’m a loggerhead sea turtle named Rebel. I have lived at The Turtle Hospital since 1991. A boat strike caused me to develop “bubble butt syndrome” and left me paralyzed in my hind flippers. In this condition I cannot survive in the wild so I am a permanent member of The Turtle Hospital family. I’m an adult male and one of the largest turtles at the hospital. Sometimes I like to be big and tough and boss the other turtles but other times I’m just a big old’ sweetheart and let my friend Bender hide underneath me when we are resting at the bottom of the pool. I love to eat squid but I also like to steal romaine lettuce leaves from the green sea turtles just to remind them that I am the boss. I’m easy to spot with my large head, dark shell and long tail but if you don’t see me swimming around, I have most likely settled into one of my favorite spots on the bottom of the pool for a nap which I enjoy quite often.

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If you have already adopted Rebel and are looking to readopt him, please go to the "Adoption Renewals" Collection!