Custom Gold Rebel Necklace

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This stunning necklace is an amazing gift for any one that loves sea turtles. We are very excited to offer you this exquisite piece of jewelry! Custom made to look exactly like one of our non releasable turtles "Rebel". Rebel is a Loggerhead Sea Turtle and is a permanent resident of The Turtle Hospital. He is non-releasable because he has a positive buoyance disorder, also knows as "Bubble Butt Syndrome",  due to a boat strike. This means that Rebel is a floating turtle! To make it easier for him to swim and rest at the bottom of the pool (which he enjoys) we have placed weights on the back of his shell with a marine epoxy to bring him back to his neutral buoyance state. He has been with us since 1991 and is a staff favorite! He has a spunky and rebellious attitude. He absolutely lives up to his name, Rebel! The Turtle Hospital has commited to providing the very best care for him for the rest of his life. This necklace makes the perfect gift for the "Rebel" in your life, or you could add this custom piece to your own collection to show your support of preserving the life of sea turtles. All proceeds go to helping The Turtle Hospital continue the mission of rescuing, rehabbing and releasing sea turtles. 

An 18 inch Gold Chain is included will arrive in a beautiful royal blue gift box with a picture of our spunky "Rebel". 
*Supplies Limited
Available in White Gold and Yellow Gold