Custom Gold Montel Necklace

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This stunning necklace is a truly amazing gift for any one that loves sea turtles. We are very excited to offer you this exquisite piece of jewelry! Custom made to look exactly like one of our non releasable turtles "Montel". Montel is a Green Sea Turtle who is a permanent resident of the Turtle Hospital, where he will forever get the very best possible care he deserves after a challenging life in the wild! He is a non-releasable sea turtle because he only has two and a half flippers. This was from a number of dramatic things that happened to Montel! First, he fought off a shark, leaving him with a half front right flipper. Then, he got entangled in fishing line which lead to the loss of his left front flipper. He overcame "FP", a debilitating virus found primarily in green sea turtles, and he also survived a boat strike which left a dent in the left side of his shell.  Needless to say, Montel is the ultimate survivor! The Turtle Hospital will continue providing him with the highest quality, drama- free life for the rest of his days. This necklace makes the perfect gift for the Survivor, some one that has beaten all odds and continues moving forward. Show your support of preserving the life of sea turtles with this amazing necklace. All proceeds go to helping The Turtle Hospital continue the mission of rescuing, rehabbing and releasing sea turtles. 

An 18 inch Gold Chain is included will arrive in a beautiful royal blue gift box with a picture of our spunky "Montel". 
*Supplies Limited
Available in White Gold and Yellow Gold