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Hello everyone, my name is Bubble Butt. I have lived at The Turtle Hospital since 1989, longer than any of the other turtles. I’m a green sea turtle and the very first sea turtle ever rescued with a condition called “bubble butt syndrome”, that’s why they named it after me. This condition developed from a boat hitting me and causes me to be unable to dive underwater making it impossible for me to survive in the wild. Here at the hospital I wear a weight on my shell that allows me to go to the bottom of the pool where I enjoy taking naps. I also enjoy welcoming all the guests to The Turtle Hospital, eating as much food as possible and being king of the pool. I am very popular with the kiddos and quite possibly the most famous sea turtle in The Florida Keys! It’s easy to spot me in the pool, my shell is wider in the front narrow in the back and I have a long thick tail because I’m a boy.

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